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Spaces by Kristin Online Interior Design is exclusive and entirely tailored to your needs & requirements. Available worldwide, the design process is completely stress-free for you and adaptable to all your demands for budget, style & space whether is a new construction, solution for your business, home renovation & decoration or simple styling. With Online Interior Design Services you receive bespoke design, careful attention to the finest detail and superb deliveries for a fraction of the cost of in-house designer.



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If you have any questions about Online Interior Design services or any special needs or requirements, just simply contact me and I would love to answer them. 

Exclusive Online Interior Design Services with bespoke design, careful attention to the finest detail and superb deliveries for a fraction of the cost of in-house designer.

- Kristin

Online Interior Architecture
Superb Interior Architectural solutions if you are starting a new construction or renovation that enhance every aspect and functionality of the space. Providing complete internal services from beginning to execution incl space planing & layout optimisation, construction drawings, electrical plans and lighting calculations.
Online Interior Design
Designing exclusive and completely customised  flawless interiors with thorough selection of finishes, furniture, decorations, fixtures, fittings, fabrics, accessories and art, all carefully selected according to your preferences for style and budget, and balanced to achieve a truly unique and elegant living space.
Online Home Styling
Home Styling is the easiest and most cost efficient way to transform your home into your dream space. Working with already existing furniture and features, optimising the layout, highlighting the space best advantages and layering up new accessories and pieces, the place is amazingly styled to an inviting and elegant atmosphere.
Bespoke Furniture Design
Bespoke Furniture Design in case your project requires custom made furniture or any special features. Designing unique made to measure pieces in detail and working closely with craftsmen and carpenters from concept to completion, to ensure that premium quality is delivered.
Online Outdoor Design
Creating the oasis you have always dreamed of with an outdoor living space that compliments your home’s natural beauty. Online Outdoor Design covers all aspects of the exterior needs as outdoor furniture selection, material & finishes, lighting, decking and landscaping.
Concierge & Management
Furniture Concierge & Project Management for projects that require special forethought. Taking care of budget planing, ordering & shipping as well as working closely with contractor and assisting in every stage to ensure your project is delivered to the highest quality.
How it Works
1. Share your requirements

Getting started couldn’t be easier!All you need to do is share some basic dimensions & photos of the space to be designed and set up your requirements for budget and desired style. In this first stage we define how your dream space looks like and any images, Pinterest ideas, etc. that you like work as an inspiration for the bespoke Interior Design that will be developed for you.


2. Collaborate Online

You will be provided with exclusive and personally designed for you different options of Moodboards, Concepts, Ideas & Layouts that we discuss and adjust until you are 100% happy with the design. With 3D visuals & collages you will be able to see how the final Interior Design selection and your new space looks like before you start any renovation and can shop with confidence.


3. Enjoy your new Dream Space

You will receive the final detailed clickable and easy to use shopping list where all furniture, decorations & accessories are thoroughly listed with notes and web links and with just a click you will be able to purchase everything you need for your new amazing place. During the entire process you will have unlimited design and shopping assistance until your dream space fully set up.


Online Interior Design Deliveries

Different Concepts & Layouts

Detailed Interior Design

Floorplan & Design Notes

Detailed Shopping List

Spaces by Kristin Online Interior Design is 100% exclusive and custom made according to your requirments, thus all deliveries through the project will be based on your preferences for style, budget , space needs and location. For example, if you are decorating your house in Dubai then the full Interior Design specification will be selected from online shops available there and through UAE , with confirmed stock availability and price in AED.  With the Online Interior Design services you will receive finest attention to detail and unlimited assistance through the entire process until your space is completely set up.